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Die Boards Questions & Answers

An archive of our frequently asked and frequently answered questions.

If you have a question you don’t see answered here, please contact us and we’ll quickly get an answer to you.

Question 1

What is the lead-time from the time I place my order until I should actually receive the shipment?

We order dieboards from Russia every month. We take orders around the beginning of the 3rd week of the month prior to production. The wood must ship from the mill no later than the last day of the production month. Depending on where we are shipping, it usually takes about a month for delivery. Always be sure to add at least a week for problems at ports, customs hang-ups, etc. In short, the time from order placement to delivery is typically around 10 weeks. For delivery times to specific locations around the world, please call and we’ll give you a more specific answer.

Question 2

How many crates fit in a container? How many fit in a truckload?

That depends on which size or combination of sizes you order. A good place to start is the following:

60x60 = 41 crates/40’ 60x60 = 32 crates/Truck load
48x60 = 52 crates/40’ 48x60 = 39 crates/Truck load
48x72 = 42 crates/40’ 48x72 = 33 crates/Truck load
48x96 = 25 crates/40’ 48x96 = 20 crates/Truck load
60x84 = 13 crates/40’ 60x84 = 9 crates/Truck load

When ordering a combination of panel sizes, divide the number of crates by the total allowable amount and that’s the percentage of the container or truckload consumed by that particular panel size. Continue with that formula until your container/truck is filled. As always, please contact us and we’ll happily help with your specific container or truckload quantities.

Question 3

Can you deliver wood anywhere in the world?

Absolutely. Our St. Petersburg, Russia, office handles our freight forwarding and consistently updates our logistics rates with the most competitive rates available anywhere in the world. Whether you take a full container delivered straight to your facility or need a warehouse nearby to allow intermittent retrieval of stock, we can accommodate. We can handle ocean rates, truck rates, rail rates, customs, VAT and anything else you may need assistance with. We will do whatever it takes to deliver the best products at competitive prices, anywhere in the world.