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Die Boards Quality Guarantee by PG Precision

LaserPLY Dieboards are distributed worldwide with pristine care by PG Wood Imports.

We guarantee the quality of every LaserPLY Dieboard we sell. In accordance with our industry-leading Product Guarantee Policy, you’ll never pay for wood products delivered to you that are below the standards agreed upon before your purchase order was placed. You can trust LaserPLY.

                                   Product Guarantee Policy
Our industry leading Product Guarantee Policy is intended to be simple and straight-forward.No fine print or odd requests to cover up dragging our feet. Simply put, if PG Wood Imports delivers a product to you that is not within the specifications agreed upon when you placed your Purchase Order with us, we will credit you and send our own carrier in to pick up the material. The few rules we do have are simple:

                                    Written Notification
PG Wood Imports must be notified in writing of any claim within 30 days of delivery of the goods or release of the goods to the customer. Claims cannot be processed if submitted more than 30 days after delivery or release to the customer. Written notifications must include the following:
    1) Total number of pieces and/or crates being claimed
    2) Detailed description of why the material is being claimed
    3) Confirmation of which truck/container the claimed material was delivered on/in - (Truck Release #, Container # and/or B/L #)
    4) A signed copy of the receiving report to the customer's facility
    5) Digital photography of the material being claimed. Photos must clearly show (when possible) the defects and must include identifying marks tying the product back to PG Wood Imports. Identifying marks are:
        a) Crate markings
        b) Stamp on the corner of each sheet of plywood
        c) Any other proprietary marking that can be associated with LaserPLY and/or PG Wood Imports
                                    Re-Packaging Claimed Material
The customer will be responsible for re-packaging the material being claimed as closely as possible to the way it arrived to the customer.
    1) Piece counts per crate must be the same as they were upon arrival.
    2) Pieces must be stacked neatly and squarely within the re-packaged crate.
    3) Original crating materials must be used in the re-packaged crates whenever possible.
    4) Runners must be placed back under the crates as they were when the crates arrived to the customer.
    5) Bands must be applied neatly and securely for safe transport.

Contact us for more details on our quality guarantee or technical specifications.


PG Wood Imports’ dieboards have been added to our family of products because they represent the highest quality in their category.

– Alex Gigon, Customer ServiceDirector, Bobst Group North America

Rayner has built a solid partnership with PG Wood Imports over the last 6 years, and we’ve found their service, pricing and quality to be outstanding. Our customers have come to depend on the quality of their birch dieboard products and have found them to be consistently reliable as the base material for most of their die-cutting tools, including cutting dies, stripping and blanking dies. PG’s product quality is matched by the quality of support they provide in timely production and deliveries, making them a great partner for us in supplying birch dieboards to our market.

– Paul Hettinga, President/Owner, Rayner DieSupply

Marco Die Supplies is dedicated to selling products specifically engineered and produced for the steel rule dies. LaserPLY Dieboards by PG Wood Imports are an essential part of our cutting die-specific products.

– Steve Martin, Co-Owner, Marco Die Supplies Inc.

Wagner Die Supply has been buying flat birch dieboards exclusively from PG Wood Imports for more than 7 years. The consistency in the quality and constant availability are probably the two most outstanding reasons that we've never sought out another supplier.

– Tom Knutson, President, Wagner Die Supply

In order to provide the quality expected from our cutting dies, it is imperative that we use products that allow us to manufacture to that standard. Laserply products have been the most reliable. Without a doubt, a quality cutting die starts with a Laserply board. We would have it no other way.

– Steve Doyle, Corporate Manufacturing Manager, Dynamic Dies Inc.